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by Torture Castle

Bowled 01:47
Let me just sit here, because I can’t afford to stand up. I’ve bumbled through my whole life and given these speeches far fucking enough, and no one can explain away, why we spend our days as someone else’s working chump. I wanna change something, but I can’t get over the first fucking hump, and it’s not fortune or bath luck, I just can’t afford to stand up. Got a lot to talk about with nothing to say, please tell me about your rainy day. All the blood and shit in the games you play. Partner, you went your own way Knobby knee motherfucker in a Hawaiian shirt, got a Punisher sticker on your high dollar truck. I spend too much time thinking of you pricks, and you can’t buy enough guns to get a bigger dick. You get so fucking happy being a gold star snitch, but I think you need a new bag of tricks.
Lone 01:44 video
There are so many animals on this road out here, but I can only think that I hear Wednesdays are the days you disappear. Or miss time or what the fuck ever, you want something so much until what you got is terror. Hell you say, come around here and there’s gonna be hell to pay. I quit, I don’t want to play Still nothing comes to take me away, and I stay, and I stay. I wish I believed enough to pray, but I really don’t believe any of this, any fucking way. I’m a landlocked asshole in a motor inn, three miles from the beach and all those big dick men. Hell you say, come around here and there’s gonna be hell to pay. I quit, I don’t want to play The devil I know, day after day, day after day, day after day, day after day. Have flowers Brummie, more you than me.
Tides 00:48
Drove overnight from the mountains to the ocean. And for years and years I’ve gone through the motions. A lifetime ago it was thrilling but now I’m stuck, been here a week, slept six hours, and I’m up. Palm trees don’t really grow here, but maybe that’s the other coast? and all this stink and greed pairs well with the continental toast. I came to the beach for a week, all alone, surrounded by thirsty men & women, all alone, covered in salt life trash from land locked homes.
Long 01:51
There has to be something to say to describe the way I feel, but who would give a fuck to hear about my shitty deal. I get so jealous of other people not stuck out in the rain, and here I am soaking wet, complaining and raising cane, Legacy hell, watch out for a disconnection notice certified in the mail. We got to fucking eat, and my thoughts don’t sell. When you’re never at the top, who cares how far you fell? This is a trap, and was always gonna be, and I wanna blame someone else but it was laid by me. The drama I make is my own worst enemy, but I just smile a lot and call it chivalry. Fool me once or 1000 times, the things you don’t know are out of sight mind.
Flat 01:23 video
Gotta remember to learn how to build anything I can fly, so I can takeoff and get as far fucking away from here as I can, before the goddamn thing hits the fan. And I hear you gotta have heart, but I don’t remember signing up for the part. And everyone who’s going to hear it has heard it, and I should feel goddamn lucky I haven’t been deserted. But look at me, always throwing stones from a glass house. Pretending I know enough to have any clout, but I don’t know the first fucking thing I’m talking about and if you got it from me, please have your doubts.


This EP was written and recorded in three different states, but mostly in my haunted, overpriced apartment.


released April 6, 2022

All music & recording by GTR.


all rights reserved



Torture Castle Atlanta, Georgia

Here it is.

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