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by Torture Castle

Notch 02:12
You people pleasing motherfucker, if you want me to cum you’re gonna have to be rougher. lay there twitching and talking in mutters, you act like you hate me, but I fuck like no other. This has gone on for goddamn long enough. I quit, I’m done, you won, you won, I get it, no fun, let’s have no fun I don’t believe in god, but I still pray that any feeling I have for you will just go the fuck away. I’m trapped like a rat, hung in a trap, giving everything to someone and getting nothing back. Talking it out is just bored and old, only you get to speak, and I am told.
Talked 01:40
Look, no sleep. I’m just too worried someone’s going to take my money from me. But I don’t have any, it’s funny, for many years running, you rob me, you rob me, you rob me, and I have nothing. Oh, but my position is sunny, as long as I’m in the running, as never anything or a forgettable something. This place, it’s a rat race, and I could stop, save face, and live in this space, but I feel like everyone just takes and takes and takes. But I lie, and I’m fake, to fit in with these snakes I hate. This is all my fault.
Out 01:40
That’s where they said it was at, so we went, and found nothing of consequence. I went back, alone and quietly again and again, still nothing to convince. Found the other place by mistake, Turned right instead of left in quick haste. It gleamed like a grey diamond, so we parked, and found ourselves at Doug’s strange place. Found the other place by mistake Up too early for Halloween morning.
Stolen 01:11
We’re directionless, with no map. Talking night after night to figure it out, then we turn left, and turn left, and turn left, and turn left, back here with more doubt. I stole from you and I have no excuse, other than you were high and I wanted it too. Here’s your pills but not the truth, if I believe I’ll get away with it, I don’t think I just do. If I can get away with it, fuck you.
Hubie 01:32
You and I we only travel in circles. And every fucking day, more and more hurtles. This kind of love gets people killed. White trash violence becomes delayed guilt, I feel remorse up to the hilt. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. I get so tired of this abhorrent behavior, I’ll be you’re useless savior. Your grimy love affair. I think it’s time to go. It’s hard to not be a bore. I know it’s wrong to say this, and I’ve been warned before, but you pay my rent and I’ll be your fucking whore.


This was written in October/November 2022.


released November 12, 2022

written and recorded by Garrett Range.


all rights reserved



Torture Castle Atlanta, Georgia

Here it is.

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