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by Torture Castle

Soak 01:52
Motherfucker, stop answering questions no one asked. shower off before the next one and have goddamn some class. Buyers remorse & glorious regret, listen here, you’re not correct. Believe it or not you can be wrong, see I’m here now but not for long. Caring too much for a clown named cowboy slug because they give tender hugs. Just because you can get on it, in a piece of shit, doesn’t mean it’s worth a fuck. Riding around in that thing’s just bad luck. It’s a muffler! Ignore my stutter! It’s a muffler! Get a muffler! The spider you know is better than the spider you don’t see. She lives in my closet, I named her, and I help her feed. I wish I could talk to anyone about this, and not breed.
Cares 01:50
King shit of Fuck Mountain. Concubine, rent boy, fuck page, all fitting titles for me these days. And here they come, hit after hit after hit after hit. Same old tired as shit, about love and hurt and feelings that don’t really exist. And this matters? Does this matter? Everyone’s wants and needs are just a monetary pattern. But surely no one wants to hear me take a piss about living under cops and pricey fucking rent and how money that’s not mine is money well spent and how fucking too fast leaves that dick hurt and bent and how taking all these drugs makes me look trim and fit, and how i’d just fuck myself if I had my own clit.
Kelly 00:38
Baby, I’m a bad person with the best intentions. my bad and I just forgot to mention I built a nest of lies and use poison to defend it. And you’ll be better after this, not sharing space with a used up half wit, asking for a change and winding up with the same old shit. You give me all the best lines.
Watched 01:44
Hey Dick, you better do some shit. Because where does this go? How does this end? Easy, it’s just over when it’s gone too far and everything goes dim, everything always just goes dim. You heard this before. You told me to fuck right off. I came back, I came back, I left. I left, I left, I came back. Engine driven off the track. Haven’t felt that euphoria in ages, and I just go through the same ole phases. The same speeches and revelations just in different places. Who could possibly still give a fuck?


released January 11, 2022

Songs by GTR


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Torture Castle Atlanta, Georgia

Here it is.

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