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by Torture Castle

Stepped 01:16
Oh for fucks sake, here we go again. More self loathing and unwarranted criticism. I can’t ever shut the fuck up, about how you got me stuck. I gave you a disease, all these secrets keep everyone happy. Look, that was quaint, if I don’t say a thing I’m a saint, but when you read the book you may faint. come back and haunt me as one bored fucking haint. Secrets keep everyone happy.
Catered 01:14
What’s the goal here, and why should there be one anyway? And exactly what am I trying to say? All piss and cum and underpaid. Goodness gracious, I get so tired of hearing myself that I lose patience. All this lying and fucking and building a mountain out of shit, and it’s not even near done yet. Mail my things because I quit. I’m done sitting through your crying fits. Oh brother, please spare them another lesson on euphoria, we’ve heard it all before and it’s such a bore. Don’t come back if you go out that door. You talk to me like I’m a dollar store whore, but you still pick me up off the floor. That’s how you get people to stay, wanting more.
Wolfed 00:55
I wanna be the person that has the money, knows the people, and goes home. Everyone’s opening a Peruvian spot in the highlands, and everyone’s punk band is gold. I wanna believe all this magic shit, we saw a wolf in the woods with daylight left, might mean nothing, but it’s something for me, at best. Is a ghost just a need to confess? You make me panic, like I ate the whole team. Never paid the vig and came clean. Every truth I tell, you don’t believe.
Cited 01:41
or a long time I thought I was important. Like there was something more to it, but I didn’t know fuck about shit, and I pranced around like some foolish maverick. Have you ever gone too far? Lost your way in the dark? Covered in someone’s sticky tar? We shouldn’t have gone this far. A real forked tongue motherfucker. Peddling my bullshit with blood and thunder. You shouldn’t concern yourself with what happens under covers of beds you’re not in, because I don’t care if I win. I never pull out. I got to have something to worry about.
Cliffed 01:00
If I had a wish, I would like to go like this. I’m driving late at night, tucked away in no one’s line of sight, when I’m crushed by a fucking meteorite. No big story just a hole in the road, and I might get my wish and get my silly ass story told. How can I have anything left to say? I ask myself damn near everyday.
Winged 02:34
This fools errand has gone on for long enough. One day, it all dissolves away. Come on, it’s been long enough. The world isn’t made for up-all-nighters, these rooms are illuminated when the sun rises. And there was always a path that I never took, I just wasted precious time writing my own book. When I’m good and gone you’re off the hook, but all these years of poison has left you shook. I tried to say so much in these moments, but I should have opened my mouth and fucking shown it. I’ve never learned one goddamned lesson before it was too late, I set all the traps and I take all the bait. When I’m high like this, I can see why you lost faith, with me and my decisions in haste.


released May 6, 2022



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Torture Castle Atlanta, Georgia

Here it is.

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